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Percepto raises $45 million for robots that inspect critical infrastructure

The funds come as Percepto pivots from drone-based products to general robotics-driven inspections incorporating third-party platforms 

Cyberpion raises $8.25M in seed funding to help businesses secure assets beyond their firewall

Cyberpion helps enterprises identify and neutralize the kinds of risks that typically stem from connections to their infrastructure assets

She was one of the world’s few female bank CEOs. Now she’s founding a fintech venture group

Rakefet Russak-Aminoach will lead Team8 Fintech alongside Yuval Tal, Galia Beer-Gabel, and Ronen Assia

The Race to Redesign Sugar

DouxMatok is developing new forms of real sugar, to deliver sweetness with fewer calories.

The Claman Countdown

XponentialWorks CEO Avi Reichental unveils the first-ever washable, reusable, 3D printed N-95 mask

13 ways to help improve your posture

The wearable Upright GO device attaches to your back and vibrates when your posture starts to slip

Tech development company looking to bring Silicon Valley to Ventura

XponentialWorks is bringing the future of digital manufacturing to life in Ventura County.

This Is the Most Vulnerable Smart Device in Your Home Right Now

SAM Seamless Network reveals the most vulnerable smart home devices.

This Israeli founder sold his first company to Cisco for $475 million when he was 26. Now he's raised $117 million from a who's who of US angel investors to take Cisco on

How Drivenets raised $110M from angel investors.


Xponentialworks CEO Avi Reichental on 3d printing, automation and the future of work.

SPECIAL REPORT: 2019 Blockchain Outlook — Reality Check

WANdisco: Innovating Blockchain in 2019.

Apple Watch brought attention to tech needs of the elderly, but we can do better

The growth of the aging in place population is rising and with it the demand for wellness monitoring and personal tech solutions for the aging is surging.

Building a Smart Robot for Seniors

Danielle Ishak left Alphabet’s X in search of a home assistant the elderly might actually want.

Former NSA director and former IDF cyber chief on cybersecurity

Michael S. Rogers and Nadav Zafrir discuss cyber attacks, predictions, and why companies need to continue taking risks and innovating despite these threats.

Airobotics makes autonomous drones in a box

TechCrunch visits Airobotics' test site to see its drones in action.

On-Demand Grandkids and Robot Pals to Keep Senior Loneliness at Bay

ElliQ helps older adults battle loneliness.

Organic Date Nectar

D’vash Date Nectar is a delicious and healthy natural sweetener.

Temasek acquires Sygnia, an Israeli cybersecurity startup, for $250M

Sygnia, a Team8-incubated startup compay, was acquired by a Singaporean government-controlled company to beef up its cybersecurity business.

Ex-Googler Alon Chen’s Tastewise uses AI to identify and predict food trends

Tastewise launched today bringing predictability to the world of food and beverage. 

WANdisco announces GA of LiveData for MultiCloud

WANdisco brings the power of multi-cloud to the masses.

How 3D printing is revolutionizing healthcare as we know it

Avi Reichental's piece about how 3D printing is changing healthcare.

Big Data Maturity: You're Not As Mature As You Think

AtScale's recent Big Data survey shows some very interesting results on organizations' challenges, opportunities, and concerns. 

Israelis were behind three of the city’s five largest funding rounds last year: WeWork, Compass and Via.

Erel Margalit, founder of Jerusalem Venture Partners, and Ofer Israeli, CEO and Founder of Illusive Networks,  discuss Israeli entrepreneurship in NYC. 

Forbes Israel 30 Under 30

Read about Aperio System's Yevgeni Nogin in Forbes Israel 30 Under 30. 

How 3D Printing Is Fighting Global Warming

3D print pioneer shares how 3D printing is fighting global warming. 

Stephen Colbert's Cyborgasm: Home Edition; The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Watch ElliQ on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Aperio raises a $4.5M seed round to protect power plants from hackers

Israel’s Aperio Systems, which today announced that it has raised a $4.5 million seed round, aims to make it easier for operators to detect and mitigate potential intrusions before they can cause any harm.

Artificial intelligence takes spotlight at Consumer Electronics Show

Watch ElliQ in Action at CES 2018 on The Today Show

ElliQ has raised $22 million for its social robot aimed at older adults

The two-year-old Israeli startup has certainly attracted its share of fans with deep pockets. The company used the occasion to announce that it’s raised a $20 million Series A thus far, bringing its total funds up to $22 million

Data integrity could literally save the world from nuclear facility attacks

Read Michael Shalyt's newest article on how data integrity could prevent the next attack

Cybersecurity Startup Alcide Raises $5.2 Million

Tel Aviv-headquartered cybersecurity startup Alcide announced Wednesday it had raised $5.2 million in seed funding

Anodot’s Machine Learning Helps Companies Predict Problems

Anodot, which also has an office in San Francisco, has raised $15 million in new funding. 

Gong, an AI-based language tool to help sales and customer service reps, nabs $20M

As artificial intelligence continues its spread into all aspects of computing, many believe that it will be the next big frontier in CRM. Today a startup called underscores that trend.

Series B Pumps $15m Into Abiomed-Backed Acute HF Start-Up

Magenta Medical Ltd, an Israeli start-up founded by cardiology veterans and backed by miniaturized heart pump specialist Abiomed, has reeled in $15m in Series B financing


Another companion bot in development, ElliQ, approaches the challenges of human-robot interaction a bit differently

The Search for Sugar Substitutes

Read about Douxmatok's patented technology that reduces sugar content by up to 40%.

CBS San Francisco: ElliQ at Brookdale in Redwood City

Watch and learn all about Intuition Robotics' invention, ElliQ.

Men talk more than women in the sales profession and it doesn't serve them, research shows

Read about's research in Business Insider

Can robots solve Grandma's loneliness?

The elderly, a group notoriously indifferent to new technology, now finds itself as a target market for the growing robotics industry.

Top 25 Tech Companies to Watch

WSJ names illusive networks as one of 25 tech companies to watch.

Meet Israel’s next top robots

Read about how Intuition Robotics’ ElliQ stands out for its human-like persona.

Tipit raises $2.5 million to bring user-generated AR to all

Read all about the next AR start-up, Tipit. 

As nations compete to become cyber powers, the NSA is still the best, says Israeli cybersecurity chief

Michael Shalyt, CEO and co-founder of Israeli cybersecurity start-up Aperio Systems, is interviewed by CNBC

Illusive Networks extends its hacker deception technology to email

Everything you need to know about illusive network's recent Email Data Deception launch. 

Tested: How 4 deception tools deliver truer network security

Deception is becoming increasingly popular as a defensive tool. Here's what we discovered about how deception works and the unique features that deception tools from TrapX Security, Cymmetria, illusive Networks, and TopSpin Security bring to network defenses.

Hackers Ran Through Holes in Swift’s Network

Ofer Israeli, CEO of illusive networks, comments on WannaCry attacks.

MindBlower: Disrupting Crowdfunding To Create The Next Big Consumer Products Company

Read MindBlower CEO and Founder Carmit Turgeman's interview with Forbes

Getting Computers to Understand Sarcasm is Easy. Not!

Gong's recent research utilizes AI in conversation analytics to understand sarcasm in sales. 

Conversational Interfaces: The Next Big Tech Revolution?

Bloomberg Television interviews CEO Dor Skuler on the future of robotics. 

Growing Elderly Population Creates New Opportunities for Technology

Companies like Intuition Robotics are building consumer technology products aimed at aiding seniors

The Touchy Task of Making Robots Seem Human--But Not Too Human

Fox News Interviews Max Bluvband, CEO of AppsVillage

Watch CEO of Appsvillage Max Bluvband's interview on Fox News

With Customers From Walmart To Allianz, An Israeli Startup Could Create The Future Of Web Design

Israeli Competitor hit new technology is gaining momentum around the world

Watch a video about Intuition robotics

ElliQ is a robotic companion that helps the elderly remain active and engaged

Read and watch all about Intuition Robotics and their new device, ElliQ.

In 2017, the digital will get physical when machines start to lie

Read APERIO Systems' CEO Michael Shalyt's piece on the future of cyber-security. 

What Businesses Need to Understand About Chatbots

Welcome to the bot-centric future, which is set to make smartphone users — i.e. almost everyone in the Western hemisphere — navigate the internet in a chit-chat fashion with a virtual assistant. 

For People With Disabilities, New Technology Can Be Life Changing

​Ben Dov went on to found Sesame Enable, a company that sells smartphones for people who can't use their hands.

Top 15 security predictions for 2017

Taking terror online

The 10 Coolest Big Data Products Of 2016

AtScale is one of the top ten coolest big data products of 2016

Beating the Black Hats:

Illusive Networks aims to confuse the attackers once they get in by creating large numbers of fake resources based on actual information technology and digital files already on the network.

Artificial Intelligence Discovers How To Improve Sales Performance

Startup came out of stealth mode today, announcing a $6 million in Series A funding. Gong’s cloud-based artificial intelligence software helps improve the performance and productivity of B2B sales teams ... 

Silicon Valley Lies and Those Who Tell Them

If you are an entrepreneur, or want to become one, do yourself a favor and make the one resolution that can make 2016 your best year: Stop believing the Silicon Valley lies and those who tell them. 

Israel's illusive networks Lays False Clues to Trap Hackers

Illusive Networks Ltd. plants false data in vulnerable parts of a company’s network. Once the hacker reaches for the fake information, he triggers an alarm that allows security officers to quarantine that section ...

Study: Drug Combination Offers Hope for Bipolar Depression

The success of that pairing bodes well for NeuroRx, a new pharmaceutical company that is developing Cyclurad, a drug that combines D-cycloserine and Lurasidone into one pill.

Study: More People Use Uber, But Lyft's Users Are More Engaged

Lyft’s users (that is, people who have the Lyft app downloaded on their phone) are more likely to open the app than Uber users are likely to open the Uber app, according to an analysis from Wefi.

Sesame Touch-Free Smartphone Brings Mobile World to Mobility-Impaired

With the Sesame smartphone, those with mobility impairments can call, text, surf the Web, participate in social media and play games, just like anybody else, without buying any special equipment.

PayPal sets up Israeli security center, buys CyActive

Online payments company PayPal, a unit of eBay (EBAY.O), is establishing a cyber security center in Israel and has bought local start-up CyActive to help launch the development. 

Artificial Intelligence Lie Detector To Protect Critical Infrastructure

Aperio answers the challenge by non-intrusively plugging into an existing control system and unleashing its advanced machine learning algorithms to study and identify the system’s unique “fingerprints.”

Gong Rings Up $6M for Sales Call Measurement Software

Israeli SaaS co raises $6m uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help B2B sales teams win more deals.

SiSense Raises $30M More To Bring Big Data Analytics To Businesspeople

SiSense, a business intelligence startup that is among those making big data analytics accessible to ordinary business users (and not just data scientists) is today announcing more funding: a $30 million Series C round led by DFJ Growth. 

These are the 10 Coolest NY Enterprise Startups Right Now

People have suddenly decided that enterprise software is "sexy."...Having recently relocated from Israel to New York, SiSense makes it simple for anyone to crunch terabytes of data on a laptop and generate compelling charts.  

Europe’s 2015 Tech Startup Landscape

WSJD has identified 11 companies to watch this year, based on our reporters’ research and reporting...SiSense, a business intelligence company from Tel Aviv, secured a $30 million investment in 2014...Having grown from a 30 person operation in 2012 to nearly a 90-strong company with offices in New-York, it is now looking to expand again and intends to open new offices in the U.S. and Europe.

Data Startup Alpine Says Dog Food is Delicious

Alpine Data Labs doesn’t just help companies crunch data and learn about operations. The startup’s marketers also use data to boost Alpine’s own prominence.

A Touch-Free Smartphone the Disabled Can Control with their Heads

Sesame Phone is the latest example of how gesture and facial recognition technology are turning things like smartphones and tablets into vital communication devices for people with special needs. 

This week in big data: Clouds, collaboration and Cassandra

Predictive modeling startup Alpine Data Labs announced a new feature called Chorus that helps data science teams collaborate on projects and makes it easier for people to find existing data sources and models from which they can start their work. 

The 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Many people would be satisfied with a couple of successful businesses, but Eldad Matityahu saw beyond his two thriving frozen-yogurt stores. He'd been reading about the fiber-optic space and decided he wanted in on the technology sector that surrounded him in Silicon Valley. 

Ditch Instinct: Why Data Drives Business

Is your business running on top executives' opinions or cold hard data? Be prepared for vast cultural changes if you choose to start making decisions based on analytics, not instinct.

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